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  • Rapid approvals
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Buying a truck is no small purchase, and you want to know that you have quality truck finance backing you all the way. We have got your back at Truck Finance Brisbane.

We are committed to helping our customers find great truck finance with a favourable interest rate. When you’re buying a new or used truck, it makes sense to work with us at Truck Finance Brisbane.

Get a FREE truck loan eligibility assessment and compare truck finance and leasing options without accessing your credit file.

All truck finance quotes are supplied to you free and without any obligation.

Low Interest Loans, No Deposit, Quick Approvals

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With Truck Finance Brisbane, you can be assured of a quality truck loan at a rate that suits your circumstances. Whether you have bad credit, low documents due to self-employment, or in need of a large loan for a fleet purchase, we can assist you with our straightforward and knowledgeable service. Call us on 1300 378 387 or get in touch online and we will get back to you shortly.

Truck Finance Made Simple

We’re Brisbane’s truck loan experts. We believe in making the finance process simple. There are so many different loans available that finding the right one with any help can be really difficult.

We will cut through the noise and give you the clarity you need to discover the right loan for you!

Simple application process

Just tell us what kind of a truck you’re looking for and we’ll find the truck loan that matches your requirements.

Less paperwork

One of the biggest hassles when applying for a loan is the sheer amount of paperwork you have to fill out! We’ll take care of all that for you and make sure you do as little work as possible.

Rapid approvals

Let us get your pre-approval sorted for you so that you can make your truck purchase with confidence.

We’ll source a great truck loan from our network of lenders

We have access to a range of lenders nation-wide and can ensure that you get the best deal on your truck finance.

Used and New Truck Loans

Whether you’re looking for a new truck or a quality used vehicle, we’ll find you secured or unsecured finance and help you get it approved quickly and easily.

We know that one of the biggest hold-ups with finance is the approval process. This is why we encourage our clients to go through a pre-approval. This involves getting your payslips, bank details, finance statements and tax return information together so that prospective lenders can quickly and easily assess your financial capacity.

  • New truck finance for business and private purchases
  • Unsecured finance for your used truck purchase
  • Fleet purchasing with loans to match your repayment needs
  • Access to the best truck loans in Brisbane
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Truck Loans Brisbane

Types of Truck Loans Available from Truck Finance Brisbane

Looking for a certain type of a truck loan and confused about what kind of finance to get? Not to worry – we can help you choose between leases, chattel mortgages, and a range of other loan structures. Whether you’re buying a new truck or a used truck, we can help you understand and navigate the available truck loans.

Novated leasing

When purchasing a truck that is going to be used as a business asset, it can be beneficial to use a novated lease for your truck purchase. This is an option for business owners – and we can help you understand how this works and how to use it to your advantage.

Bad credit truck loans

Your truck buying options are not limited when you work with us. At Truck Finance Brisbane, we believe that bad credit should not be a barrier to buying a new or used truck.

Hire purchase

Want to buy a truck but you’re worried about the impact it will make on your cash flow? Use a hire purchase agreement and structure your loan to make sure you still have access to cash while benefitting from your new asset.


You can lease a truck and have the option to purchase the truck at the end of your finance term or trade it in for a new model.

Low-doc truck loans

Self-employed? We’re here to make applying for truck finance possible even without the requisite paperwork your bank needs. Work with us for straightforward applications no matter

Chattel mortgage

This structure of purchase gives you access to a range of business and tax benefits, so speak to us about how a chattel mortgage can help you access these benefits.

Flexible Truck Loan Repayments

When you work with Truck Finance Brisbane, you will be able to structure your loan in a way that suits your cash flow and business requirements.

You never want to feel hindered by your truck loan; it should be something that brings you closer to your business or personal goals. When you work with us, we will help you find a loan that suits your personal requirements. Whether you want to be able to exit your loan early without paying a fee or need to engage with a particular interest rate, we can help you.

We offer a range of flexible repayment options, including:

  • Balloon payment
  • Additional payments
  • No early termination fee
  • Variable interest rates
  • Fixed interest rates

Truck Finance Brisbane is a division of the eCarz Group

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Need finance for a new truck, a used truck, a cement mixer, a rigid truck, or something else entirely? We can help you source secured or unsecured finance that will get you to where you need to be personally, professionally, and financially.

Working with us makes finding truck finance incredibly simple, so contact Truck Finance Brisbane today and speak to our team of dedicated brokers. We can guide you and help you find the right product to make your truck purchase quick and easy.

Call us on 1300 378 387 or get in touch with us online. We look forward to working with you.

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